Do you have a natural curiosity about how the world around you works? Learn about the guiding forces of the universe with Physics.

Why Physics?

Physics is at the heart of most modern technology and it provides unmissable opportunity for the wildly curious to find out how the world around them works. At Ada, we delve into the core of Physics to understand what makes the universe tick. How do the forces in the cosmos hold everything together? How did we go from thinking the Sun was a ball of fire in the sky to recreating its power in a laboratory?

You have the power to make the forces of physics and technology collide. There is so much more to the world that humans are yet to discover: with a career in Physics you could work on the technology that sends astronauts to space or you could mastermind the computing involved with new life-saving medical software. With us, you'll look at the physics that takes you from the sub-atomic world, out to the full size of the universe.

What you'll learn

  • Improve your communication skills to convey an argument - a must-have skill for any professional role
  • Form logical reasoning based on mathematical equations and principles of physics
  • Become an analytical expert

Progression and career opportunities

  • Data scientist
  • Digital analyst