Do you want to develop the skills and the technical know-how to change the digital industry? The Computer Science programme is at the core of our sixth form curriculum, propelling you to where you want to be.

The Computer Science offer at Ada is a groundbreaking effort to change the way we educate young people to be job-ready for the future. It's not exclusively about learning to code, or learning to create digital products, but rather about problem solving, thinking laterally and becoming a successful lifelong learner. Our values include creativity, curiosity, collaboration, resilience and rigour — all crucial to a successful career and rewarding life.

The importance of Computer Science and digital skills in today’s workplace and society cannot be underestimated. We teach the BTEC in Computer Science, as the range and scope of projects that our students undertake through this course, gives them a chance to see the huge variety in digital careers: social media; IT systems security; building computer systems, networks and databases; game design and development; user interface and user experience design. The impact of computing on society is unparalleled. In each of these areas, we maintain a strong industry presence by way of talks, workshops, visits and challenges.

Underpinning the curriculum are the three strands of skillsets that potential employers are looking for: Technical, Entrepreneurial and Creative. These are developed alongside the theory and practice of computer science, including programming, fundamentals of computing systems, software development and project management.

At Ada, the role of our teachers is more of a facilitator of learning than a fount of all knowledge. We use our networks and Ada’s extensive industry contacts to bring the real world into the classroom and the students out into the real world. We work collaboratively with industry partners to shape students' learning experience and deliver workshops for students to explore the breadth of different industry sectors. We are incredibly lucky at the College to have great founding partners, willing to share their time and expertise with our students, giving them the benefit of their experience as successful IT professionals.

What you'll learn

  • Advance your technical understanding
  • Learn two computer programming languages
  • Confidently manage digital projects
  • Identify where your natural skillset lies in a creative project
  • Create new ideas by working collaboratively

Progression and career opportunities

  • Database developer
  • Games developer
  • IT consultant
  • Security Analyst
  • Software developer
  • Web designer / developer

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