We want to close the gap between education and industry, provide a skills-first approach to everything we do, and remove barriers between talented young people and their dream employers. To do this, we rely on the voluntary involvement of innovative and creative companies and individuals to fast-track ambitious individuals so they become tomorrow's digital trailblazers.

Workplace opportunities

Digital Apprenticeships

Create a pipeline of talent for your business and diversify your team with digital apprenticeships. All our apprentices begin with launchpad training to ensure they are work-ready with necessary knowledge and skills.

Over two years, the apprentice will work with you 80% of the time and spend the remainder of the time studying with us. We provided a dedicated point of contact throughout the process who ensures both you and the apprentice get the most from your experience.

Find out more about apprenticeships.

Work experience placements

If you’re looking for something more short term than an apprenticeship then take on a sixth-form student over their holiday period. It works both ways - you get an extra pair of hands to help out in exchange for giving students invaluable experience to add to their CV.

Speaking and Coaching

Talks and Workshops

We look to influential individuals or organisations who can inspire our students to tread forward with relentless ambition and confidence. Our active connection with industry is unique. We can bring our student’s education to life with real-world practice of digital.

We’re looking for speakers and workshop leaders to collaborate with us, so whether you overcame the glass ceiling or pioneered a revolutionary product or service, we’d love to hear from you.

Subject-led Workshop

Individuals or small groups from within your organisation run a workshop or lesson on a specific subject that allows them to share their deep technical expertise. Past topics have ranged from 3D printing and human-computer interaction through to project management and social media.

Workplace readiness

Help our students to find a job through CV workshops, talk through workplace etiquette, talk about how to influence a decision. There are a myriad of ways to get involved in helping students to prepare for their first job.

Success Story Assembly

You can also hold one of our weekly assemblies - a great space to tell a personal career journey, share advice and insights, and give hands-on instruction.


Every sixth form student is assigned a personal coach to help them with career choices, academic support and mentoring. With a doubling of students in September 2017 (following the intake of our second cohort of students), there are lots of opportunities to get involved on a one-to-one basis with our students.

Project support

We give our students industry-inspired projects so put into practice their newly learnt skills. This is a great opportunity for your team to work with fresh talent and to help ambitious students to grow their knowledge with real-world experience. It’s a great way to find talent and a good news story for your business. In 2017, Deloitte ran a really successful end-of-year project on the Internet of Things with our sixth form students.

Event Venue Hire, Donations and Advisory roundtables

Financial Support

We are a charity relying on government support to accrue students from diverse or less-privileged backgrounds. With the help of additional financial support we can do more for our students through sponsorship or donations. Our curriculum goes above and beyond the standard education offering to ensure our students get the skills they need to succeed.

With plans to expand across the UK, we want to deliver an enriched education to hopeful students across the country. Help our students and our organisation grow: past contributions range from conference passes and product subscriptions to financial and equipment donation.

Find out how you can make a donation here.

Venue hire

We run regular engagement events to bring students, apprentices, and industry partners together. Past events include TEDx Tottenham in March, 2017. Organisations can host workplace visits or provide venue space for daytime or evening events.

Advisory roundtables

We hold roundtables to get direct input from industry to help inform decisions such as programme structures and curricula. Let us know your area of expertise, and we’ll be in contact when there’s an opportunity.