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Posted over 2 years ago

We are #AlwaysAda, but what does this mean for YOU when joining our Sixth Form?

1. It means we look beyond the classroom. We run a coaching programme of industry mentors and provide opportunities for you to showcase your work to businesses actively looking to hire.

2. It means you’ll have access to real-world industry experience. Our staff have all worked in industry and we will teach you sought-after, marketable, digital skills. 

3. It means you’ll be empowered. We want to create the same opportunities for students regardless of background, culture or gender. Products and services should reflect the people that use them.

4. It means you’ll be supported. You are a student to us, not a statistic. We care about your individuality and wellbeing and we demonstrate that in everything we do.

5. It means a future-proof education and a career that matters. We offer strong academics, meaningful projects, and the best industry support to set you up for life.

#AlwaysAda means infinite possibilities. For global tech. For a changing world. For you. 

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