Words by Tom Fogden
Posted over 3 years ago

​Ada Lovelace was a great mathematician and we at the College love numbers too.

The Tech sector is the fastest growing area of the economy with the greatest number of job vacancies. When you realise that the average salary in the tech sector is 44% higher than the average you appreciate the fantastic opportunities that are out there for people with the right skills. 

However, these amazing opportunities are not currently being distributed evenly. The tech workforce in the UK doesn't represent the diversity and breadth of talent in the UK and we are determined to do something about this. 

We are proud of the diversity of the students at our college. Of the 163 digital pioneers we have over 60% from the lowest three deciles of socioeconomic background. 

24% of our students identify as female. This is over double the industry average but we still have a way to go to meet our five year target of at least 50% women. 

Less than 5% of the UK tech workforce are BAME but over half of our students are. In fact they represent 17 different ethnicities. 

Technology is increasingly impacting everyone's lives but the makers of this are a small minority. It isn't right that the sector is missing out on diverse ideas and potential talent. We are creating a diverse community which will grow and act as a support network for each other to help each other to thrive. When they enter the workforce they may well be in the minority but they won't be alone.