Words by Maysun H
Posted over 3 years ago

Studying at Ada gives us more knowledge about what it’s like working in the outside world.

When I first heard about Ada, the National College for Digital Skills, I knew that it would be different from other colleges and schools, and I was right. I first heard about this college from a friend who encouraged me to think about starting here back in September 2016. The college offers a BTEC in Computer Science which allows the students to take part in projects and gain interest in programming. Before starting the journey here at Ada there were a few students like me who had no clue about what programming was like, how it worked and what it does. The teachers have helped us students to enjoy coding.

The college works with many industry partners: King, IBM, Google and Deloitte and many more. By having these companies visiting regularly, as part of our experience at the college, it gives us more knowledge about what it’s like in the outside world.

Ada has many events for the students and some female-only events. I am also invited to events outside of Ada. Being one of the few female students, I think that these events allows us to interact with females who are like us, and find out how they got to the position they are now.

Ada also offers higher level apprenticeships for the 18+ students who have finished their course. By having these apprenticeships, it will kick-start our careers working with a digital company. Along with the BTEC in Computer Science course I’m doing, I also do Mathematics. I think by studying one of the STEM subjects, it lets us stand out and have more job opportunities. Before I started at this college, I chose to go down the route of higher education but teachers here have showed us the opportunities available from doing an apprenticeship, as well as startup businesses.

"Think. Create. Develop." This is one of Ada’s slogans and is how I would encourage female students to pursue their interests/dreams in studying STEM subjects. And if they are Digital Thinkers, I would say: Think. Create. Develop... with Ada.

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