Words by Luke Morton
Posted 1 year ago

Employers are "wowed" by Ada students.

We're really excited for Made Tech to be collaborating with Ada, the National College for Digital Skills. I've had the pleasure of getting a tour of the classrooms and what an experience. We saw students learning the Python programming language with one student explaining that the error in an example of Python code on the board was caused due to an "index out of range" error. Wow!

Why is this exciting? Because if high levels of programming language comprehension are now being taught then the massive skills shortage in the tech industry is on the path to being resolved. As an employer who has to compete in a market with such talent shortages it was very encouraging to see.

We're working with Ada to provide students with a full time job offer, that starts with a 12 week immersive course taught by our engineers, followed by continued on the job training. We call it Made Tech Academy and we encourage anyone with a love for programming whether it be Python or any other language to apply before applications close in January. 

More information can be found here: https://www.madetech.com/careers/academy

Luke Morton
Made Tech