Words by Ana Herrera
Posted 1 year ago

There is a unique path for everyone when they join Ada.

You may have seen in some of our branding the infinity sign floating around.  It goes with the phrase, “Ada = infinite possibilities” and it first appeared during the induction for our first 6th form cohort.  Now, a year later it has proven to have staying power!

We have a very diverse community at Ada: students, apprentices, teachers, industry partners, volunteers, staff, board members, the list is endless (infinity!).  And for each one of us, when we join the Ada community, becoming part of #AlwaysAda, brings on infinite possibilities.  

This blog will familiarise you with the stories told by different voices on what that means to them.  In my role as Director of Careers and HR I wanted to share what excites me about that infinite space for opportunities.

Our students

Our students and apprentices join Ada because there is no set path for them. They are risk-takers, curious about shaping a different future for themselves than anyone has ever had.  They are open to creative ways forward in their personal and professional paths.  That challenges me because there is no set guidance or rule book that I can share with them!  What I can do is help them discover their strengths, and share with them tools that through hard-work will get them to where they want to go. What I can do is support them as they continue to build their self-confidence and practice resilience every day, as some times our wishes don’t go according to plan. What I can do is remember that each one of them is an individual and will find their own way in their own time.  And I am here, as well as all the Ada staff, to help them get there.

Our people

As a staff member, joining Ada is very exciting.  We are unique in our mission and we are all inspired to be part of this change. Throughout the recruitment process we learn that Ada is different than anywhere we have worked before, and we take this seriously.  There are infinite possibilities for us as part of this team, but in return, we have a responsibility to shape our own possibilities. We are held to high standards of performance, but we are not told how to get there. We are given the support needed to succeed, but it is up to us to ask for that coaching. Just like students and apprentices, we are risk-takers, curious about shaping a different future for ourselves than anyone has ever had.  We are open to creative ways forward in our personal and professional paths. And that challenges me because there is no rule book!

My personal challenge is to continue to find great students, apprentices, team members, partners and every kind of person who wants to join Ada.  If you want to know more because this has inspired you to be part of our community, get in touch.

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