Words by Angel
Posted 11 months ago

Our students' curiosity does not take a summer break.

Over the summer I had the pleasure of participating in a week long course called 3Dami. On the course we had to create a short animation to showcase to the to the audience. The process for making this animation started off with the generation of ideas and voting for the best story. After that the person who had the most votes had to write the script for the story. When the script was completed we had to create a story boards to visually show our product and to ensure that the outcome suited the script.  When the storyboard was completed we got to modelling the props with blender.

This process of making models for animation was very fun and I got to learn more about the software. For instance I was making a bush and Tom, a staff member who has extensive knowledge about blender,  showed me how to use the particle tool to create a semi realistic bush. After the modelling phase we began to animate. As I was animating I began to understand how to use keyframes and how they are able to fill the gaps in between the frames. It was frustrating at times because our group was slightly behind and I beginning to get really stressed because of it. In the end we remained resilient to render and finish the animation.

In the end we had the opportunity to showcase our animation at The Mill, a VFX & Creative Content studio. Furthermore, I was informed of organisations, apprenticeships and universities that aid students that  want to go in the creative industry.

Over all I would recommend students to attend this event. I would suggest to experiment with blender before so that you can get use to the interface, but it not necessary as the application process requires students to try learn the basics first. This experience will be great for CV as well as expanding your knowledge in different mediums.

Here is a  link to the final film my team made


Here is a link to the 3dami site